Each account owner can use independent SMS gateway server.

SMS gateway type - mobile application

Note: in case of mobile application gateway type, application should be downloaded to use mobile device as SMS Gateway, download application from here…

 or HTTP.

SMS Gateway App (only Android supported)

Enable Unknown sources option in Settings>Security>Device administration on your phone

1. Install application and click Settings

2. Select server

3. Select Custom

4. Enter URL (for older Android versions use http:// in front, for later models use https://

or https://gps.asdec-fleet.com

5. If successful registration URL will show in Server line


6. Select SMS identifier


7. Enter code from Settings>SMS
SMS Gateway identifier to Mobile application


Every account has own Identifier

8. Typed code will be shown in SMS Gateway Identifier line

9. Change time for pending texts. (Default 60 seconds) every 60 seconds application will check for new texts to send. Area editable for preferred period.

10. Start SMS Gateway - click “Start SMS Gateway”

11. Stop SMS Gateway - click “Stop SMS Gateway”

 If configuration successful SMS Gateway App will work as modem. Platform will send using this App Text / SMS messages for notifications.

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SMS Gateway, download application from here…