Main functionality located in settings section - add, edit, duplicate objects and related elements, add object groups, drivers, sensors, events. Set up user interface and create sub accounts.

Objects management

Objects TAB maintains Objects, Groups, Drivers, Passengers and Trailers

Description see Settings>Objects…


Manage all events: create new, get notifications, assign to units and recipients

Description see Settings>Events…

Settings section located in top panel, press        settings button.


Manage all objects, groups, drivers, Passengers and Trailers

Templates section allows to create templates for e-mail and *SMS notifications (-own Android modem)


Description see Settings>Templates…

Used to upload own map layers

Description see Settings>KML…


Each account owner can use independent SMS gateway server.

SMS gateway type - mobile application or HTTP.

Note: in case of mobile application gateway type, application should be downloaded to use mobile device as SMS Gateway, download application from here...

Description see Settings>SMS…

User interface

User interface section allows to set various map settings, interface language, measurement units, time zone, etc...

Description see Settings>User Interface…

My Account

My account section allows to enter personal information and change account password.

Sub Accounts

Sub accounts allows to split main account into smaller accounts with limited privileges, assign only particular objects and zones.

Description see Settings>Sub Accounts…

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