Objects list panel

This panel allows to find object location on map, view history and send commands.

Select object name to see its position on map.

Share position

Share position allows to send link of tracked object via email or SMS. Link will open map with live location of tracked object, without need to login.

In the left panel, near search field, press share position button.

Share position window will appear.

Add new share position record

To add new record do next:

In share position window, left bottom corner press  button.

Share position properties window will appear.

Fill all required fields and click save.

Objects list tab allows to view available objects, find them on the map, view object route history, and edit object settings.

1.Search - allows find objects by name.

2.Reload - reloads objects list.

3.Share position - share direct access to object on map, no authentication required.

4.Add object* - allows to add a new object. (User privileges)

5.Visibility checkbox - turns on or off objects visibility on map.

6.Follow checkbox - centers marked object in the middle of the screen every time GPS device has refreshed its position, if multiple objects selected - map zooms the way that all of them remain visible.

7.Object information - object name, date and time of last received location.

8.Speed indicator - shows current object speed.

9.Ignition (ACC) indicator - shows ignition state. Ignition (ACC) sensor should be configured in order to use this feature.

10.GPRS indicator - shows GPRS and GPS status.

   Grey icon - no GPRS and GPS.

   Orange icon - no GPS signal.

   Green icon - GPRS and GPS are OK.

11.Quick access - allows to see object history, control objects using commands and edit object settings.


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Quick access

History section allows to see object history at chosen period of time. Click object options icon as shown below.

To load history do next:

In left panel Objects tab press      options icon.

Hover mouse on Show history menu item.

Choose history period.

After history period selection object route will appear. Select any point to get object details.

Informative popup window

Object - object name.

Event - event name.

Address - address at selected point.

Position - object coordinates.

Altitude - object height above sea level.

Angle - object moving direction.

Arrived - shows when object parked.

Departed - shows when object is moving again.

Duration - period of time when object didn't move, was parked.

Speed - object speed at selected point.

Time - object date and time at selected point.


This section allows to monitor chosen object separately from others. It is possible to monitor object in the same web browser window (additional block will appear) or open monitoring in new window.

To follow chosen object do next:

In left panel Objects tab press         options icon.

Choose       Follow menu item.

New monitoring window will appear. Window is resize able. Ticked Info box opens info box on left side. Ticked follow box follows object on mini map

Street view

Choose       Follow (new window) opens new browser Tab with object on map.

Choose       Street view menu item

Opens Google Street view window in the new browser tab

Share possition

Choose       Street view menu item

Share position properties window will appear for selected object.

Fill all required fields:

Name, choose “Expire on” select if prefer to delete after expiration, enter e-mail address and click save.

Active links will be sent to recipients. Links active for selected object monitoring till expire date.

Send command

GPS tracking device can be controlled remotely using Object control. This section allows to send commands to GPS device. Click object options icon as shown below. Depends on user privileges

Object control window will appear.

Learn more about Object control section here…

Edit object

Choose            Edit menu item

Edit object described in Edit object…

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