Mobile App

Main access to all sections on application.

Map - shows objects and information on map

Objects - shows objects list, groups, status, speed, information, quick access to history

Events - list of triggered events

Places - list of markers, routes and geozones

History - generates tracks for selected periods

*Object control - send commands to objects

Settings - settings for application and user.

Desktop version - swap to desktop version

Logout - logout.


Map view shows objects location and follows on map

- show/hide objects
- show/hide objects labels

- show/hide markers

- show/hide routes

-  show/hide group

- enable personal upload KML map view

- collapse Objects to group view


- map zoom

Click on object arrow shows additional info


Area to see all object in the list, view by groups. Monitor status, enable/disable view on map, enable/disable follow option, get general info and see objects location on map by clicking on object name.

- search by name

- groups list. Filters objects by group.
See Add Group in Settings>Objects>Groups…

- enable/disable show and follow on map all

- object name, status, speed ignition, signal level, vew on map, follow on map, search and general info.

To see on map only one preferred unit
un tick view all with

Click on object name to see only one on map




Ignition OFF

Ignition ON




General information shows details about object


Info about tracking service, total odometer, total engine hours, object status.


Info about location: address, position, altitude, angle, speed and time stamps.


Present sensors status: Ignition, signal, voltages and other configured parameters. Sensors list depends of device model.


All triggered events for account

All events in one list. Presented by time, object name and event name. Click on event row opens event on map with details

- events list pages

- search area


List of all markers, Routes and zones created on web version. See Places…

- list of pages

- search area

- created places

- switch tables: Markers, Routes or Zones

Click on row opens marker, route or zone on map


Area to generate trips for any object of any period

- select object by name

- select pre-configured period

- custom period from

- custom period till

- select minimum stop duration to exclude from parking/stop value

- include/exclude stops from tracks

- include/exclude events from tracks

- show track on map or hide track from map

Pre-configured periods

Generated track on map

Route start - beginning of the route.

Route end - the end of the route.

Route drive - object is moving.

Route stop - object doesn't move.

Event - event information.

Explanation of graphic elements

Tracks player

- show/hide objects

- show/hide objects labels

- show/hide markers

- show/hide routes

-  show/hide group

- enable manually uploaded KML markers

- collapse Objects to group view

- map zoom

- graph view for sensors

- route details

- route view on map

- hide tracks

Graph view for every chosen sensors
 (sensors list depends on devices)

Map view shows trips per period

Detailed tracks information, start, trips, parking, events, end of trip. Distances, duration, kilometres. Every row after click points on map selected with more details. Trips row highlighting selected trip period.

Object control

- select object

- select command template

- select gateway (GPRS or SMS)

- select command sending type

- command view

- send command

Section to send commands pre-configured using web version. See Object control…


Note: object icons hidden on smaller screen sizes. Available on phones rotated to horizontal view and tablets

Map startup position - app loads with selected options:

   Default - default selection

   Remember last - load same last saved view

   Fit object - zooms to fit all objects

Map icon size - available sizes: 100%, 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%

Startup tab - available:

   Map - app loads in map view

   Objects - app loads with objects list list

Language - select language

Unit of distance -  kilometre, mile and nautical mile

Units of capacity - liter or gallon

Units of temperature - Celsius or Fahrenheit

Time zone - select time zone

Change password

Old password - enter old password

New password - enter new password

Repeat password - retype new password
Note: Password changes will effect web wersion account too.

Save settings

Application settings. Startup in map or objects view, select metrics, time zone and change password

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