Maintenance section allows to review and edit all service records

To add service / maintenance do next:

In left bottom corner press           button.

Task properties window will appear.

Only one type at a time can be saved. If need 3 different services types:

Create one type service and save, after start new one.


Name - service or maintenance name

Units - select unit to assign

Data list - service be added to bottom panel Overview list

Popup - show maintenance on popup informative window

Mileage interval (mi) - tick and add preferred mileage interval

Engine hours (h) - tick and add preferred hours interval

Days interval - tick and add preferred days interval for service

Last service (mi) - last service mileage

Last service (h) - last service hours

Last service - select on calendar last service

Trigger event - *triggers event and sends notification. (*events configuration required)

Mileage left (mi) - add miles to trigger events before service by mileage

Engine hours left (h) - add hours to trigger event before service by hours

Days left - add days to trigger event before service by days

Update last service - tick to allow auto replace last service mileage, hours or days.