GPS Tracker mobile

Download “GPS Tracker” application. Advanced functionality available only for Android devices.

Application makes your smartphone as tracking device. Using Android smartphone possibility of some extras:

images, chat and tasks view. Depends on model type and Android version.

1. Open it. Provide Device IMEI and setup Server in GPS Tracker App Settings

2. Main application window

- Start / Stop Tracking on device

- shows status of device

- *perform tasks created on platform for object.

- *takes photos and send to platform’s Gallery.

GPS Tracker App

- *chact section, receives and sends messages to Chat.

*Marked in yellow depends on device and Android version

 Note: works only as tracking device.

Note: works as tracking device.
Extras depends on device model and Android version.

- alert signal, long press on row.

- setup and settings section

- info about application.


- send to us Device IMEI to assign it for object.

- setup custom server. Without it App will not start.

- setup tracking interval. Recommended 60-120 sec.
shortest interval drains battery.

- setup accuracy. Lower more accurate

- control application using platform

- commads sent from platform check interval

- enable/disable tasks check

- tasks auto check interval

- enable/disable tasks sound

- enable/disable tasks vibrate

- enable/disable messages check for chat

- chat new messages check interval

- enable/disable chat sound

- enable/disable chat vibrate

- change unit of distance

- enable/disable auto start of Application after phone

- add password for loggin to application

- clears buffer of saved records.

*Marked in yellow depends on device and Android version

Type: https://gps.asdec-fleet.com

Depending on device use in front: http:// or https://

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